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Capacity DevelopmentIMG_0429

Decentralisation of administrations (Tunisia 2015 – 2016): Series of workshops for leading personnel of the national training center for decentralised administrations: Set up and management of e-learning modules for capacity development in remote areas

Career counselling in universities (Tunisia 2015 – 2016): Conception and counsel for the implementation of labour market orientated career counseling at university levelIMG_0213

Renewable energy in Senegal (2014 – 2015) Capacity building cycle for public and private sector partners, as well as cooperation partners for the inclusion of renewable energies in Senegal.

Vocational training system at UNRWA (2014) Change management training in the framework of the TVET reform process of UNRWA (United Nations Works for Palestine Refugees in the Middle East).

Vocational training in Togo (2013 – 2014) Capacity Building cycle on project management, autonomisation process and local leadership in a multi stakeholder’s context.

Manuals and training material, online courses (since 2007) Creation of training manuals and readers for development projects stakeholders; elaboration and tutoring of online courses ; adaptation of existing training material to a different regional context.


Organisation and AttendanceIMG_SR Susi

Dual system of vocational training (2013-2015) Study tours in Germany and neighbour countries on the issue of vocational training for Middle East countries and Pakistan: Preparation, logistics, assistance, interpretation, documentation, report and evaluation.

Biogas in Maghreb (2013) Support of a training cycle in the Maghreb and study tours in Germany to explore the opportunities linked with biogas for energy transition in Maghreb countries: Preparation, assistance, interpretation, documentation, report and evaluation.



Solar energy in Kenya (2014) Set up of an a monitoring and evaluation system for all actors of the solar energy sector in Kenya.

Project evaluation

  • Ex-ante evaluation: Assessment of the situation before the project starts. Shows opportunities and challenges to donors and development actors
  • Evaluation of human capacity development for process optimisation and if necessary adaption of planning according to findings
  • Final evaluation or ex-post evaluations to learn lessons from development processes



Decentralisation in West Africa (2013-2014) Moderation of network of decentralisation stakeholders in 6 West African countries: strategic decision making, agreement on objectives and setting up of an experts’ network.

Gender approach Conference and workshop moderation, working groups on the issue and online course on gender mainstreaming in the work of development cooperation: Creation of enabling environments, inclusive strategies and conflict reduction.




Facilitation for facilitators in Cameroon (2013) Coaching of trainers in the bilingual context of decentralisation in Cameroon : Strengthening capacities for efficient training of local actors of decentralization.

Telecenters in Tunisia (2012-2013) Support of local development actors in their coaching process of young people towards employability. Set up of an online learning platform.

Vocational training with UNRWA (2014) Coaching of TVET counsellors and managers on change management processes and improvement of services.



GIZ Consultancy for development partners on development strategies

Non governmental Organisations Consultancy on capacity development in human rights issues

Private sector Consultancy for transcultural teams


Team and Network